Friday, April 13, 2007

Class Action Study Guide - Internship Class

Here are some questions to think about as you finish up Class Action. We will begin discussing the book during the second half of class on Tuesday.

Consider how the case reflects the values of American society regarding justice and equality.

What does this case/book say about civil justice, the role of litigation and the role of government in promoting that justice?

What lessons does the case/book teach us about the practice of law? Are there lessons about public and private law practice here?

What does the case (or the book) teach us about how the US legal system provides access to justice?

What incentives and disincentives exist for plaintiffs to litigate claims like those discussed in the book?

What incentives and disincentives exist for plaintiffs’ counsel to litigate claims like those discussed in the book?

What is a class action lawsuit? What’s the purpose of a class action? What are the requirements?

Why did the plaintiffs sue under the laws they used (state and federal)? Why sue upper level company officials?

How did the union impact the case/story?

What was the defense lawyers’ strategy?


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