Monday, October 12, 2015

54 Countries participated in CIA program

Extraordinary Rendition: Is Anyone Innocent

In the article “A staggering map of the 54 countries that reportedly participated in the CIA’s rendition program,” countries were identified that participated and cooperated with the CIA in multiple steps of the rendition program. The program was originally started after September 11th attacks in 2001. The U.S did not want to bring terrorist suspects back into the U.S or formally press any charges on them so they developed this program to get around the rules by secretly transferring the prisoners to locations for interrogation. The article names 54 different countries that helped the CIA with the rendition program. Countries like Poland, Thailand, Romania, and Lithuania housed some of the secrete prisons for the CIA, while a lot of other countries participated in handing over detainees for the rendition program. Many European countries, Middle Eastern countries, and Asian counties were involved in handing over people to the CIA for rendition. While on the other hand, countries like Greece and Spain, allowed the CIA to use their airports for transportation of the detainees.
            Iran and Syria were countries that were involved with the capturing and transfer of individuals. When Iran handed over individuals, no records were kept relating to investigations or there whereabouts in the secrete rendition operations. Syria has a history of civil war and the government has been know to be in favor of torture techniques and inhumane conditions in their prison systems. The U.S had vast knowledge of these methods and conditions that Syria had used and yet the most common stop for detainees in the rendition program was in Syria.
            The extraordinary rendition program was a huge controversy due to the issue that the U.S and many other countries were unlawfully detaining people and violating their human rights by torturing them and not giving them a day in court.  The article talks about how many different countries participated in the questionable program and that they all knew to an extent that these people would be held and questioned and not formally charged with anything. The program was created to capture suspected terrorists and to prevent more terrorist attacks from occurring. However, the program went far beyond just questioning the people and getting information. The people that were detained are some times held in a prison for the rest of their lives because their cases cannot be heard in court due to possible national security issues. I personally think that this program should not have been even created because it violates human rights and the CIA knew that countries like Syria would use torture methods to obtain information. It also surprises me that so many counties participated in the program. However, when the program came out into the public, I now understand why no other countries have tried to charge U.S officials with violations of human rights. The other countries probably cannot charge them with any violations because they are just as guilty or participating.

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