Sunday, October 25, 2015

America’s Secret weapon against cyber-attacks? Try a new military for cyber crimes, by Lereiya Edmonson

 The main focus of this article was about the recent theft of millions of Federals records in 2014 called the “year of the hacked “and it looked at the effect cyber breech has on our nation’s which is now a growing crisis. It is believed that this is becoming a major issue and there is a need for a new approach to this significant threat.  The cyber society believes that the governments need to defend this new cyber warfare and the only way to do this is to create a sixth branch of the military; that specialize only, in cyber security. In response to the civil and moral leadership and thinking through it West Point is believed to have these values and the writer suggests that this needed for our nation’s cyber defense. Many think that if the United States government follows the West point model and it will help our military operations to become globally effective.

Based on the issues we had covered in Dr. Davis Spies, Assassins and Cyber Warriors:  Modern National Security Law class. I agree with the writer because the military must strengthen the force in order for them to deal with the enemy, and since cyber-crimes are now becoming a major deterrence in the cyber world. Learning about “The Olympic Game” and the “year of the hacked “we as a nation now understand how intrusion can attack our domain. I believe if we provide our military with adequate training an extended military branch this will teach the troops strategies in regards to the conflict in cyber warfare. This will also provide the military with the capability to follow through on missions while yet still abide by the rule of law.  Therefore the best thing to do is to be prepared for confronting cyber threats, so that the military is prepared to have a dedicated military branch assigned to cyber space.  Establishing cyber command will help our national security, new warfare domain; and this will provide the troop with jurisdiction over the new technology, which will put all the military trained personnel to a leverage where they can detect and defend our nation from cyber war.  

We have seen in history, how not being prepared for warfare; the effect it has on our nation when we looked  how the Japanese planes attacked the “Pearl Harbor”, this completely destroyed our battleships which were nerve racking for the United States. Therefore, by equipping our nation with arms in cyberspace will close the door for our combatants. Having a Defense Intelligence community will challenge and protect the things we value, because as a nation, it is necessary to have a department that covers cyber authorities. Furthermore, having a six military branch for cyber command will strengthen the intelligence community and detect any adversaries overseas.  We see where other nations are making this preparation, for example, China they have cyber professionals in the military. However, this alone shows the need why our troops are needed in cyberspace. Should our nation come under attack from any one of these threatening enemies, our energy focus is to protect our networks and save America’s resources and security.

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